Written by the Lions Digital Agency Content Team

With so many social media platforms around, it is not easy to choose the right one, especially when your company has a limited budget. …

Written by the Lions Digital Agency Content Team

Why is it so important to have the right chemistry in a marketing team?

As someone can infer, businesses always have some challenge ahead, and the last thing that a CEO wants to worry about is whether their team can handle it…

Written by Samantha Reintjes, Zack Barnson, Stone Satterlee, Eorly Giovana, and Frank Sandoval

“What can I do to have a successful marketing strategy?” This question inherently seeks the wrong path to success. Our minds automatically search for tactics that are practice-based and situational, and success is not found there. Strategy takes a long-term view. Strategy asks, “How will we get there?” and we…

Written by members of Lions Digital Agency

Drawing of team members putting a website together on a monitor

Websites are one of the most effective tools to communicate what your business offers to millions of visitors online. That is why it is very important to make your website stand out. …

Written by Eorly Giovana Ruiz, the director of Lions Digital Agency

Businesswoman presenting successfully to an audience of executive leaders

Presenting is all about expressing what is important. Professionalism is measured by the ability you have to focus on factors that are important while at the same time showing concern for genuine issues.

Senior executives are characterized by a…

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